This section contains the information to request press accreditations for the 2021 Tug-of-War World Championship.
Read carefully the information and if you want to be considered as authorized professional, complete the form.


All the people applying for press accreditation must carefully read these guidelines before sending their request. They must comply with these regulations.


The organizers of Sokatira Mundiala consider that the “Media” pass is a work tool that must only be used by members of the press.


To obtain accreditations to cover Sokatira Mundiala all the people interested must fill in the form.

The request period will end on 10 September 2021.


The established health and safety measures mean that:

  1. For health and protocol reasons photographers will not be granted permission to move around the competition area.
  2. Sokatira Mundiala will provide for free to the media that want snapshots of all the competitions for information use.
  3. All the professional who want to come must be identified and request accreditation, even if they are several people who work for the same media.
  4. All the members of the different media that request accreditation must present the corresponding test that guarantees that they are free of COVID-19 and their impossibility of spreading the virus.
  5. The tests to be presented must have been performed by an entity recognized by the health ministry within the five days prior to the entry onto the site.
  6. The people who comply with all the requirements required by the organization of Sokatira Mundiala and are finally accredited undertake to scrupulously comply with all the health and safety indications that those responsible for Sokatira Mundiala require once within the venue.
  7. The organization of Sokatira Mundiala reserves the right to revoke and/or remove the accreditation unilaterally if it considers the accredited person to be a risk factor, whether due to temperature measurements or other medical criteria that indicate symptomatic suspicions.
  8. Take into account that due to the limited space available for the media in the Sokatira Mundiala events, the compliance with the above cannot guarantee the accreditation of online media.
  9. A set of free images can be obtained with copy rights through the Sokatira Mundiala press office available for all the media when articles are published in magazines / online.
  10. Please use the credit Sokatira Mundiala photo.
  11. Once the online request is completed and before the start of the sports season, you must wait for response from the organization of Sokatira Mundiala.
    Once the permanent accreditation has been approved, the organization of Sokatira Mundiala will inform the interested party.
  12. The professionals will collect their accreditation in the space authorized for the media in the Fadura facilities, venue of the Championship.
  13. Any graphic – TV press professionals accredited by the organization of Sokatira Mundiala must wear in the performance of their work the specific identification, which will be received together with their accreditation.
    • Its use will be compulsory
    • It will be personal and non-transferable
    • It will be numbered and associated with a natural person (and the media that requested their accreditation).

Validity of the press accreditation

The accredited media and professionals will be located in a stand, in the exclusive space authorized for them.
They may use the exclusive space authorized for media and press professionals, with resources for the performance of their work, like Wi-Fi signal, printers and work space.


Complete the form to make your request. Form (* compulsory fields)

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