The context


The rules on entry into the country and the general rules to combat the pandemic are regulated by the government of Spain.

The Basque Government is the one setting out the specific regulations to deal with the pandemic in the whole of the Basque Country: capacity, times, distances, activities allowed… All of this is regulated in what is known as the “Plan Biziberri”. In mid-July it is expected that the Biziberri IV will enter into force, which will be in force until the month October.

The LABI is the body that applies and reviews the specific measures to be taken in accordance with the epidemiological situation at each time.


Osakidetza is the name of the public health system of the Basque Country

This is a free and universal system and stands out as one of the reference systems at the international level due to its quality.

It has nearly 5,000 beds of which 550 are ICU in the event of emergency situations.


This is a process that has many fluctuations, but that has a trend of improvement since the month of May 2021. There are no limitations on mobility, or limitations on general opening hours, although there are in some sectors like hospitality.

The vaccination process is greatly improving the health situation as regards Covid. At present in the Basque Country 51.3% of the population older than 16 years old has been fully vaccinated.

On 5 July the cumulative incidence rate at 14 days is 183 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, with 30 ICU beds occupied.



This is a process that has many fluctuations, but that has a trend of improvement since the month of May 2021. There are no limitations on mobility, or limitations on general opening hours, although there are in some sectors like hospitality.

The vaccination process is greatly improving the health situation as regards Covid. At present in the Basque Country 51.3% of the population older than 16 years old has been fully vaccinated.

On 5 July the cumulative incidence rate at 14 days is 183 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, with 30 ICU beds occupied.


This Plan is particularly concerned with the processes, resources and action protocols that are related to the delegations of athletes that will participate in the world championship.

The final Plan includes the protocols of other groups that are part of the championship like the staff of the organization, the suppliers, the media, the local authorities, as well as the spectators in the event that they are finally allowed to attend it.


  • Prioritize the health and safety of all the participants
  • Minimize the activities to be performed to those exclusively necessary
  • for the development of the competition
  • Offer to all delegations the same guarantees in order for them to
  • participate under equal conditions.
  • Comply with the rules imposed by the local authorities
  • Follow the regulations of the TWIF for holding the Championship.


Design the event taking into account the possible scenarios in September in connection with the Covid and the rules determined by the LABI.

Adopt the bubble system.

Consider as close contact the people who sleep in the same room or those that have not complied with the established measures.

Appeal to the co-responsability of all the participants to ensure compliance with the rules.


Method that seeks to minimize the circle of relationships, creating exclusive contact groups.

From the time they arrive and until the departure of the people who make up the bubble, they cannot leave that circle.

SM organizes all the necessary services (accommodation, catering, transport…) for each of the bubble groups to guarantee the system.

Each delegation will be a bubble. The official will constitute a single bubble, the same as the people related to the local organization.



Only the accreditation modality with official accommodation and complementary services is offered. Each registered person will be limited to a specific bubble.

The registration period will be held from 1 July to 6 August in order to be able to organize all the processes with sufficient time.


The accreditation of the group will be performed on the arrival at the hotel.

It will be verified that all the people of the bubble provide their insurance policy, their negative PCR test, and the signed consent sheet.

Each attendee will be given a Welcome pack that contains: their accreditation and lanyard, basic Covid information sheet, masks and gel pack.


It will be done on Wednesday in the official hotel where each delegation is staying and in Fadura (venue) from Thursday.

The weighing time will be communicated to each delegation in advance to avoid crowds and waiting.


It will be performed on Wednesday in Fadura from 2 pm. The delegations that arrive after Wednesday will also do it in Fadura.

To perform the approval of the boots a representative of each club can go to Fadura accompanied by the delegate of each bubble.

The visit to Fadura will be used to show the venue, the resources available at the venue and the competition dynamic.


It will be performed remotely on Wednesday at 9pm.

Taking advantage of the boots approval, on Wednesday at 4 pm it is proposed to perform a visit to Fadura to know the resources available at the venue and the action protocols.

Prior to their arrival the teams will have a dossier of the championship that will describe the measures to be taken.


An exclusive open-air area will be set-up in the “outdoor teams area” to perform the stamping each day.

There will be more than one stamping point in the event that it is necessary so that the people do not accumulate and to guarantee the due distances between bubbles.


The aim is to balance the number of participants of the morning and afternoon blocks of each day in the event that they are very different in order to control the flow of competitors.

The pullers are not allowed to compete outside their bubble group.

The number of people that may be in the tent of the competition area is limited to 13 people per team: 8 pullers + 2 substitutes + coach + assistant + masseur

Changing rooms will not be used. The showers must be taken at the hotel.


  • Adapt its format to the Covid measures
  • There will be no protocol greeting of each puller
  • Perform the prize-giving of each category after the end of the morning or afternoon block in order to avoid as much as possible the contact between the different bubbles
  • Perform the opening on Friday afternoon with a brief act and maintaining the due distances and a symbolic closing ceremony on Sunday afternoon with the minimum number of participants possible



Indoor area (well-ventilated) with a delimited space for each bubble according to its size

Outdoor competition area to compete or watch the championship

Outdoor teams area for rest



Total separation from the public.

Individual ventilated 5x5m tents for each bubble in the competition.

Viewing area of the competition in the perimeter.


The accommodation offer is limited to 4 star hotels that guarantee the necessary control measures and services: exclusive accreditation and weighing rooms, Covid protocol, cleaning…

The hotel of each delegation will be assigned by the organization in the month of August based on the number of people registered by each delegation in order to ensure the bubbles and limit the number of teams as much as possible.


SM will have an official transfer service for each bubble.

Movement is not allowed outside the official service.

The service includes the transfer between the airport and the official hotel on the arrival and departure of the delegation, and between the venue and the official hotel during the days of the championship.

The time of each service will be agreed with each bubble.

None of the routes will be longer than 30 minutes.


The dinners and breakfasts will be taken in the official hotels. The aim will be that each bubble has its own dinning room.

The lunch will be taken at Fadura, within the internal and external restricted area of the teams and each person will be given an individual food kit.

Under all circumstances the distance between dinners will be maintained.

The organization will provide the necessary plastic water bottles.


Intensive care ambulance with permanent assistance team at the venue.

Isolation area at the venue.

Pack of masks at the entrance and hygienic resources.

Chiropractice service.


Updated information from the action protocols and measures required on the website and social networks.

A WhatsApp group to provide the latest information during the championship with all the delegates of the bubbles, SM and the TWIF.

A permanent contact mail ( and an emergency contact telephone number during the championship.

Help area of the organization during the whole the championship in the teams area.


At the GOC level a working group has been created that is establishing the guidelines of this plan.

There will be a large assistance team to accompany the bubbles, the control of the Covid protocols and measures and different operational work.

All the staff subject to a prior training process and an antigens test before the arrival of the competitors.



No contact between the public and the competition.

Restricting to the utmost contact between bubbles.

Signposted circulation areas to guarantee the distance between bubbles.

Cancel the protocol greeting between competitors of each pull.


All the participants are obliged to bring a negative PCR at least 72 hours before their arrival.

An antigens test will be performed on all the people that will be in the competition area. In the event of positive a PCR test will be performed and in the event that it is positive they will have to be isolated and will not be able to access the competition area.

Any person who requires an antigens or PCR test to return to their country will be given the test on Saturday at Fadura.

Face mask compulsory at all times: it can only be removed when they are competing.


Establishment of a Covid Plan that will be communicated to the teams and the organization will be trained in its application.

Regular temperature control every day before getting on the transfer in the hotel and at the entrance to the venue.

Capacity limitations in all the closed spaces: transfers, catering area, competition tents, indoor teams space.


Intensified general cleaning programme.

Cleaning of the individual tents at the end of the competition of each team, and cleaning the indoor area at the end of each day.

Hand disinfection points in different areas of the venue.

Individual chemical toilets and waste collection points.


Protocol for the identification, isolation and treatment of a potential positive case.

Obligation of each delegation to contract travel insurance that covers the Covid assistance for all its members.

Coordination with the local public health services in the event that hospital admission is required due to its gravity.


In case of behaviors that violate the rules that we have provided in this Plan.

The sanctions would be proportionate to the offense, and could even lead to the banning of a team from competing.

There are also administrative sanctions that can be imposed by local authorities for non-compliance with rules outside the context of the bubble.



Sokatira Mundiala will designate a person who is responsible for the whole Covid issue. They will be in charge of communicating with the different bubbles to announce the results of the test, monitoring any incident that may arise, and reporting the incident to the TWIF and the local health authorities.

Each bubble must identify a person responsible for the liaison wth the group.

The TWIF will also designate a person responsible for this.


The organization has scheduled the performance of an antigens test on the arrival of the group to the hotel where it is staying.

The results of the test are expected to be provided in a short time.

In the event that it is positive they will immediately be subjected to a PCR test and will be isolated to their room while they wait for the result of the test.


The result of the test will be communicated to the person responsible for each bubble by the SM person responsible for Covid. The information that is derived from the tests will be treated confidentially.

When there is a positive the person responsible for the bubble will first be contacted to isolate the positive positive person as soon as possible and those sharing their room, and to know the circumstances of the positive person.

At the same time the person responsible for Covid of the TWIF will be informed to determine the scope of the communication and to publish on the Whatsapp group.


In the event that a person manifests any of the symptoms related to Covid (fever, cough, feeling of lack of air..) or have a temperature over the threshold of 37.5 will be immediately isolated. If the problem is detected before getting to the bus that takes them to the venue they will return to their room and if it is at the venue they will remain in the isolation area of the venue while they wait for a PCR test to be done.

If they are negative they must wait isolated in the room for 48 hours until a second test is performed which is negative. From that time they may return to the bubble.


The person who tests positive must leave the bubble and isolate themselves. If they are at the venue, in the isolation area until they are taken to their hotel.

The person who shares room with the positive person will also be isolated. PCR test will be performed and if they are negative they must wait isolated in a room for 48 hours until a second test is performed which is negative. If the person sharing the room is vaccinated and tests negative, he/she can return to the bubble without having to wait 48 hours.

The positive result also will be reported to the insurance company to start the action protocol at the health level and to cover the possible expenses.


The GOC will be in contact with the local health authorities reporting on the possible incidents and positive results that may be detected.

In the event that Osakidetza decides that the situation requires a public intervention GOC will report this to the TWIF, and a working group will be established to decide which steps to take according to the situation, although the ultimate decision is in the hands of Osakidetza.


If the GOC becomes aware of a violation of the rules of this Plan that poses a risk to other participants, it will inform the TWIF to take appropriate action and inform the offender of the corresponding penalty.