Know more about Tug of War

This didactic guide contains, in 10 illustrated infographics, the history and basic foundations of the  sport of tug-of-war. A very deeply-rooted international sport in Euskal Herria (The Basque Country).

Developed on the holding in Getxo of the outdoor World Tug-of-War Championships in September 2021, it intends to be didactic material on this sport, which instructs in an easy and creative manner.

We hope that you will like it, learn and that it encourages you to take up this great sport.

Enjoy it!

See the infographics

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History of Tug-Of-War

Euskal Herria Tug-Of-War Teams

The pull

World Tug-Of-War Championships


Official status of the Basque Country national team

The competition area

Tug-of-War in the Basque Country

The sport of Tug-Of-War