We hope that you are all back home without any setbacks and happy to have participated at Sokatira Mundiala, the Basque Country World Outdoor Tug of War Championships held in Getxo. 

From the organization of Sokatira Mundiala we want to thank all of the participants for taking part and for your attitude. These have been some long months for sport and for tug of war, in which this world championship has been at risk. 

But we are very satisfied that it has been able to be held and it has been an honour to host the representatives from the 16 countries taking part. We have taken on the challenge of hosting this championship as a great responsibility.
We are aware that the circumstances have not allowed anyone to enjoy it as we would have wanted and that the strict rules established were often uncomfortable for you. 

But our objectives in this championship were twofold: firstly, that in the sports aspect, the competitions could be held properly; and, secondly and not less important, that the health of all the people participating would be guaranteed. 

Fortunately, we have achieved this. We have managed to become the world capital of tug-of-war in these days and meeting our objective of bringing this sport to the highest level. You have shown the great love that you have for this sport and that you take on its values as your own. 

Those of us who have formed part of the organization of this world championships, the Basque fans and all the Basque society we thank you for coming to our land to compete. We encourage you to come to visit us when the pandemic allows. 

With this championship the activity of tug-of-war resumes on the international level. We pass the baton on to the Netherlands as the next host. 

And good luck to the nations classified for the World Games in Alabama. 

Eskerrik asko for making Sokatira Mundiala something big. WE DID IT!

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