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Last week began the registration phase for clubs and national teams to participate in the 2021 TWIF World Outdoor Tug of War Championships.

The first registrations have already been received.

So far, applications have been received from a total of 6 clubs: 5 Basque Country clubs (three from Gaztedi, Mutriku and Goiherri) and VSA, from the Czech Republic.

Regarding the national teams, there are already three national teams that have confirmed their participation:

  • Czech Republic: W540, M640 and Mx580 categories.
  • Ucranie: this national team will participate in three categories, M640, Mx580 and U23W500
  • South Africa: has registered in 10 categories: W540, W560, M720, Mx580, JM560, U23W600, JW480, U23W500, JMx520, U23Mx560

Registration remains open until August 6.

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