Do you want to enjoy Sokatira Mundiala live?
Request for tickets to attend the Championships as spectator

The current health conditions the sale of tickets to attend Sokatira Mundiala as spectator.

The safety and prevention rules against COVID-19 force us to take different measures, like the limitation of the capacity, the maintenance of the distances between the spectators and the very management process of the tickets.

Thus, tickets will not be sold directly from this website and a period is opened to book tickets for the different days and sessions of the championship.

If you want to acquire tickets to attend as a spectator, you must complete the form that you will find below. Once the period has ended to request  tickets, we will inform all of the applicants if they have them.

The tickets are distributed by sessions of the championship, morning or afternoon for each day. All the tickets have a price of € 5.00.

The tickets will be paid when accessing the venue in the session chosen.

The deadline to apply for tickets will be 12 September 2021.


All the people applying for tickets must carefully read these guidelines before sending their request. They must comply with these regulations.


The established health and safety measures mean that:

  1. For health and protocol reasons the spectators will not be allowed to move from their seats.
  2. The mask must be kept on at all times.
  3. The spectators will remain in the assigned seats at all time and they will not be able to change place once they are in their place.
  4. The safety distances must be respected between people and those marked by the organization of Sokatira Mundiala.
  5. The temperature will be taken of all the attendees at the entrance to the premises.
  6. People who have a temperature greater than 37.5 will not be allowed to enter. The amount of the ticket will not be refunded to the people who are not allowed to access the venue for this reason.
  7. The organization of Sokatira Mundiala reserves the right to revoke and/or remove the ticket unilaterally if it considers the accredited person to be a risk factor, whether due to temperature measurements or other medical criteria that indicate symptomatic suspicions.


Complete the form to make your request.