The World Tug-of-War Championship welcomes you!

From 15 to 19 September 2021 the World Tug-of-War Championship will be held in the Fadura facilities (Getxo)
An event organized by the Tug of War International Federation – TWIF, which at its 2015 Malmo Congress designated the Getxo candidacy for the organization of the world championships.
This designation is the culmination of an arduous and tireless effort by the world of Tug-of-War in Euskal-Herria to achieve the official status of the national team to compete with own identity in the international context.
The local organization lies with three entities that have been promoting Tug-of-War in the Basque Country for many years (the Basque Sports and Games federations of the Basque Country and Bizkaia and Getxo Herri Kirol Taldea) with the support of the Basque Government, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the Council of Getxo.

An opportunity to know and enjoy at its highest level a millennial worldwide sport which projects very contemporary values: equality, fair play, good atmosphere, inclusion, sustainability, ...


Commitments and responsibilities

  • Comply and ensure compliance with the general COVID-19 prevention protocols and those expressly established for the Tug-of-War World Championship
  • Comply with the times established
  • Deal with the activities as provided by the manager of the area
  • Achieve a pleasant and fun environment through an active involvement in all the tasks paying attention not only to the resolution of conflicts, but rather to their prevention.
  • facilitate the communication by being clear and expressive in order to be able to transmit the information in an appropriate manner
  • Support and guide the people taking into account their needs
  • Be aware of what the event represents It is the responsibility of the volunteers to be an example and reference to the spirit that the World Tug-of-War Championship wishes to show the world
  • Request help and support in order to provide the best quality service
  • Being an example and model transferring at all times peace, calm and all the educational values of a competition like this
  • The volunteers must ensure the complete safety of the participants in accordance with the rules, health and safety conditions of materials and facilities, especially with regard to all the COVID-19 prevention measures and protocols, both in force, at each time, in a general manner to the whole population as well as those expressly established for this competition
  • Participate in the training that the organization will perform for all the volunteers taking part in the world championship
  • Wear the clothing that is determined by the organization
  • Every skill is welcome and necessary


Commitments and responsibilities

  • Training prior to the world championship in order to be able to perform correctly the tasks that are established
  • Accreditation to participate in the event
  • Identification shirt with the image of the world championship
  • Accident and civil liability insurance
  • Pack of food and drink
  • Collaboration certificate
  • But above all, a shared experience to learn from others and that the others learn with you (values, professionalism, ways to do things …)


After the reception period of volunteers, we will inform you of your location, functions, times and the contact details of your coordinator. In addition, the signing of a collaboration document will be compulsory

Thanks for your availability and time.

It is necessary to be at least 18 YEARS OLD  at the time of the start of the event

During the World Tug-of-War Championship 2021 photographs and videos will be taken of all the sports, social, cultural events by the Organization and accredited media. The participation and attendance at the world championship therefore implies the acceptance of being able to be photographed or recorded in these events.

If you want to join the project complete the following form:

Personal data

Languages and level.

NativeI can speak with fluency and readI understand the language

NativeI can speak with fluency and readI understand the language

How many hours can you dedicate to the world championship?

Before the world championshipl

During the world championship

After the world championship

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